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‘My Fair Lady’ Wedding Cake

‘My Fair Lady’ Wedding Cake

What’s white and black and pink all over?  Here is a sample wedding cake I did recently:-

This cake is a lovely wedding cake for any “bride-to-be”!  It has bling, beads, bows and flowers!  What more could a bride ask for?!

My wedding cakes can be made with any flavor: rich buttermilk, red velvet, french, almond, lemon, champagne vanilla’s and even chocolate, my favorite!  All tiers can be filled and layered with complementing butter cream icings; vanilla, almond with raspberry cream, strawberry with fresh strawberries, lemon, cream cheese, chocolate butter cream layered with velvety chocolate ganache.  Pretty much any flavor you like.

This particular cake is about Romance and Black Tie elegance! Each tier is layered with butter cream and covered with rich fondant.  Fondant is a lovely medium to decorate with, so smooth and edible too!  The bottom tier is 3 layers, ornamented with bold black and white stripes, white beads and crystal “bling”.  The second tier is decorated with the same and topped with a striking bow and the the 3rd tier was outlined with beads and covered with sugar roses and calla lilies.

When you are celebrating the most memorable, romantic day of your life, you need a cake to second the emotion!  This ‘My Fair Lady’ cake does just that.  And the bow was sooo much fun to make!!



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