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Chocolate Raspberry Baklava

Chocolate Raspberry Baklava

We are at Steinmart stocking up, and on the way out, I saw a Godiva chocolate raspberry bar and ping! Why not a baklava with those same flavors? Brenda and I had never seen one before. Why not? Great flavors, such a popular combination… and my chocolate raspberry baklava was born! Well, after several attempts in the test kitchen later. We needed to get just the right amount of chocolate, not too much, not too little, not too runny, we were going to be baking the chocolate into the pastry… which didn’t work.

Enter, chocolate ganache. Now the layers are made individually and then sandwiched together with the ganache and the homemade raspberry jam. It’s a process, but man, is it worth it!! oopa, it is soooo delicious. Now, I’m known for it.

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