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Eric and Regina’s Black, White and Red Wedding Cake

Eric and Regina’s Black, White and Red Wedding Cake


Here I am, I always dress to match my cakes! ūüôā


Is this not the snazziest, jazziest wedding cake you’ve seen in a l o n g time!!!

This cake was specifically designed for the bride, Regina whose theme colors were Black, White and Red.  She loves bling, bows and beautiful Red roses significant for LOVE!   So, it was our delight to make a black white and red wedding cake for her, where all of the embellishments are made of edible fondant.

The bottom and top tier¬†were strictly Fudge Chocolate with Fudge Chocolate icing and Chocolate Ganache. ¬†The¬†middle red tier was a¬†French Vanilla cake with a strawberry buttercream icing and fresh strawberries tucked inside. ¬†The top layer? ¬†Well we put that away for their first anniversary and they’ll find out what it is then!

The tradition of saving the top tier arose when wedding cakes started to become much more elaborate – in the 19th century. ¬†They did not always need the top tier at the ceremony back then, and since they expected a Christening within the first year [Think: first comes love, then comes marriage then comes the baby in the baby carriage.”] to be able to serve the top layer of the wedding cake felt like a lovely full circle… to say nothing of a cost savings!

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