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Baklava…ah! Baklava.

Baklava…ah! Baklava.

Why is baklava such a favorite? The honey? The soft, flaky layers, the overall gooey, sticky, yumminess? I dunno, but whenever I take it to a local farmers market here in Jacksonville, it’s the item I sell out of first!  I make it in chocolate, and a chocolate raspberry.  Uh-huh, that’s what I said — chocolate raspberry!!

Shown here on a Christmas platter, with apricot almond cookies and Greek wedding cookies:

Chocolate raspberry baklava


However, let’s get back to the basics: – Traditional Walnut Baklava  is a nutty and syrupy Mediterranean pastry made with the filo dough… layered with walnuts, baked golden brown and covered with a warm honey cinnamon syrup… OOPA!   When done correctly, it’s flaky, sticky and totally decadent.

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