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Almond Apricot Cookies — Αμυγδαλωτά

Almond Apricot Cookies — Αμυγδαλωτά

Αμυγδαλωτά — Amygdalota — Almond Apricot cookies –> Greek apricot jewels which will take you by complete surprise once you bite in. I make my own spin with these scrumptious butter cookies by turning them into a sandwich, filled with apricot and peach jam. This was Papu’s favorite cookie. So goood! It’s a must to keep plenty of in your cookie jar for friends and family.

In Greek, we call them — Αμυγδαλωτά … Amygdalota: Greek Almond Cookies Amygdalota – which literally translates to sweet confections. 🙂

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